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Spinning Sensations: The World of Fidget Spinners

Did you know that fidget spinners are a “sensory” toy? That's right! These toys are often used as tools by people who experience high energy and anxiety. Let's face it: there is a lot of satisfaction in spinning these little gadgets. They're small enough to keep in our backpacks or pockets, and anytime we're feeling overwhelmed by a flurry of thoughts or when anxiety peaks, we can always pull these little devices out, calm down, and begin to focus. What's not to love about that?  Remember that coping with stressful environments or overwhelming emotions is a skill we will need for life!

Do you use fidget spinners? What's your favorite way to cope with everyday stressors or uncomfortable environments? Take the poll and show kids worldwide what you do to calm down and focus. Be an inspiration to others!

Photo: Kreeson Naradoo

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