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Family Fun: Top 3 Dinner Table Activities to Enjoy with Your Parents"

Updated: Jan 5

Do you ever get bored at the dinner table? Do you ever wish that you could do something that makes dinner time with your family fun and interesting? You can! Here are three ways to make mealtime fun! 

  1. Take turns around the table, and each person shares something interesting or funny from their day. Kids and parents both have a lot happening to them each day. Find one or two things to share.

  2. Trivia Time! Every day, we learn new things in school. At dinner, ask your parents trivia questions about something that you learned.  See if they can answer it correctly. Some answers will surprise you, and some answers might make you laugh. 

  3. Storytime! Every evening, a new person from the family can start a story. Using your imagination, each person takes a turn one at a time and contributes a unique part to the story until dinner is finished. Make up funny things to make the story entertaining!

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