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When I was a kid, there weren't many motivational development resources readily available for kids: Few videos, websites, and even fewer magazines—no Social media.


Today, there still isn't enough motivational programming for children. Many children go through their school-age years lacking inspiration, motivation, and self-confidence. Others are merely feeling dejected, alone, or lost. Self-care isn't taught enough; most children don't know what it is and how it will benefit their lives. Consequently,  these issues lead to depression, aggression, and suicide. Many children need freedom from negative foundations, crippling strongholds, and a mountain of Inspiration suppression.

A shakeup is long overdue. Inspiring children to believe it's possible to become whatever they truly wish--regardless of the circumstances-- is critical for children's sustained, productive development. 

What you'll find in "You Can Have It ALL!" on our website, in our videos and magazine is powerful content designed to motivate your child to become their best. We help kids develop, discover their passions, and find inspiration from peers already chasing their most cherished dreams. 


YCHIA is more than a magazine, more than a platform. Not only are we creating a digital/print publication that tells fantastic stories, but we're also hosting youth conferences, youth camps, and many opportunities for children to catch the vibe of positivity and inspiration!


Equally important, you'll find age-appropriate content your children will enjoy reading that is housed in a guarded atmosphere.


Additionally, our content covers subjects kids are most interested in, from culture, entertainment, food, travel, sports, fashion, toys, gaming/tech, and health. Of course, we'll provide lots of educational tidbits wrapped in current, wacky, and cool content. 

Our team is committed to partnering with your family, school, or community program to help encourage what kids need most: Love, fun, and inspiration. 

Enjoy our magazine! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

SF. Banks

"It's a GREAT time to be ALIVE!" 

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