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Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Extraordinary Courage. 


Description: Participants are invited to write about individuals in their community who have shown remarkable bravery and selflessness but haven't received widespread recognition. These could be everyday people like teachers, healthcare workers, community volunteers, or even a family member or pet. The essay or story should capture the essence of their heroism, the impact of their actions on others, and why they are considered an unsung hero in the writer's eyes.


There are eight divisions divided by grade (1st-8th). Each division has a grand prize and 2nd- and 3rd-place winners.

YCHIA Grand Prize Winners will receive: 

  • Automatic YCHIA Junior Journalist status in YCHIA Magazine issues** 

  • Essays published in You Can Have It ALL magazine

  • A YCHIA Grand Prize Trophy 

  • $100.00 Gift Card.


2nd Place Winners receive:

  • Automatic YCHIA Junior Journalist status in YCHIA Magazine issues** 

  • Honorable mention in upcoming YCHIA Magazine

  • Runner Up Certificates

  • $50.00 Gift Card

3rd Place Winners receive:

  • Automatic YCHIA Junior Journalist status in YCHIA Magazine issues** 

  • Honorable mention in upcoming YCHIA Magazine

  • Certificates

  • $25.00 Gift Card

Other Winners:

  • Quarter-finalists and above will have their names listed in an upcoming YCHIA Magazine issue.

Referral Prize Winner:

The contestant who refers the most friends who enter the competition (subscription/non-subscription) will win a pair of sneakers from GOAT/Footlocker or StockX. The winner will be notified via phone call.

 The CLASSROOM with the most submissions receive:

  • A Class Party Courtesy of YCHIA Magazine!

  • A class picture featured in YCHIA Magazine

  • Team HoTT Swag Gear


The SCHOOL with the most submissions (min 20) receives:

  •  The YCHIA Quill Award Trophy

  • An “Exceptional School” Write up in an upcoming issue 

  • A $250 Grant for educational supplies/materials/events.

**The highly coveted YCHIA Junior Journalist position is a paying opportunity for kids to write in upcoming magazine issues and/or carry out journalism projects.




  • The writing competition is for kids in grades 1st-8th. 

  • YCHIA Magazine Members (subscribers) have access to all competitions without additional investment.

  • Non-members (Non-subscribers) are required to pay a one-time entry fee of $9.97.


  • Grand prize winners will be contacted via phone/Zoom on a recorded line. You will be asked for a verification code during the call (we will send a code to your email on file).

  • All "Cash" Prizes will be sent via a gift card of YCHIA's choice.

  • All contestants must remain "subscribed" throughout the competition to win. Non-subscribed winners will forfeit their prize. 

  • Additional information may be requested before prizes are disbursed.

  • Competitions may last 60 days or longer. Prizes are distributed at least 30 days after the last day of the competition.

  • Shoe selection and max price are set at the discretion of the YCHIA. The sneaker prize is not transferable or redeemable for any monetary amount.

  • Referral Prize winners must have a minimum of 5 paid referrals to qualify for entry.




  • Announcements will be posted on the YCHIA APP and/or the YCHIA official website. We recommend allowing push notifications on the app to receive timely updates and instructions. Winners at higher levels will be contacted via phone on a recorded line. 



  • The Writing Competition will have elimination rounds: General, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals. 

  • The finalist will be notified via phone call.  




  • Submission may be in Essay or Story format

  • Acceptable formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf). Ensure the file is named as follows in the header:

  • `Title, Your Full Name, Grade and Word Count.’

  • Your document should be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman or Arial, size 12.

  • Word count must be included

  • Non-English submissions will be translated. Only the ORIGINAL submitted work must meet the word count requirement. 

  • NO profane language, NO sexual content.

  • Only one entry per child.

  • All content must be original. The use of AI is not permitted. AI-generated submissions (whole or in part) will be disqualified.

  • Students are encouraged to do their own work. Submissions written by persons other than the contestant will be disqualified.

  • Submissions uploaded after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Keep it fun and engaging for other kids worldwide to read and enjoy!


Our judges are committed to upholding the highest standards of impartiality and excellence. They will assess each submission based on a comprehensive set of criteria, ensuring a thorough and fair evaluation process. These criteria are meticulously designed to highlight creativity, coherence, and the compelling expression of ideas.


1. Creativity and Originality

2. Clarity and Coherence

3. Language and Vocabulary

4. Engagement and Impact

5. Grammar and Punctuation

6. Adherence to Theme

7. Structure and Organization

8. Presentation

9. Effort and Perseverance

10. Age-Appropriateness



Submissions not adhering to the word count requirements will be disqualified.

1st and 2nd Grade:

- Minimum Word Count: 50 words

- Maximum Word Count: 200 words


3rd and 4th Grade:

- Minimum Word Count: 100 words

- Maximum Word Count: 500 words. 


5th & 6th Grade:

- Minimum Word Count: 200 words

- Maximum Word Count: 750 words


7th & 8th Grade: 

-Minimum Word Count: 350 words

-Maximum Word Count: 800 words

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