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Welcome to the thrilling journey of the YOU KIDS International Writing Competition! This year's topic is "Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Extraordinary Courage. Our competition is your chance to shine as a young literary star. Here's how you can join this exciting quest:

1. Become a subscriber: Click hereAs a subscriber to You Can Have It ALL Kids' Magazine, you'll receive access to our writing competition and join future contests. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy content with all sorts of extra perks! Not a member? You can still compete with a one-time entry fee to join the competition. Click here, then select the One-time option

2. Tell your friends to join the fun! Send them the link. Contestants who refer the most friends that subscribe are entered to win a pair of sneakers from GOAT, Footlocker, or StockX. Rules Apply

3. Prepare Your Masterpiece: Craft an essay or non-fiction story that brings a hero in your community to life. To review the writing topic, rules, and guidelines, click here.

4. Submit Your Creation: Once your work is ready, upload it through our submission portal. A parent or guardian's authorization is required for you to compete. Click here.

5. Download the App! Click Here. Enable push notifications so you stay up to date. 

Don’t just dream of becoming a writer – be one!  Voice your creativity, win amazing prizes, and possibly see your work published. The world is waiting to hear your story. Dare to Write, Dare to Shine – Register Today!

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